Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hiking and stretching

I'm off to Hadrians wall in the next few weeks,  its a little warm up for the 500 mile walk later in the year. Ive been upping the the miles  lately,  nothing to drastic, 5 miles most days and 10-15 at the weekends. I love walking the slow pace of getting somewhere. Initially I kept forgetting to stretch, it was just a stroll after all.  I'm getting better and I stretch most days. I stretch myofascially its kinder to the body and works better. Myofascial stretching is about listening to your body, where does it need to stretch? 

How to stretch myofascially

So  go into your normal stretch, slow down and not all the way, just back off from that full stretch and breathe......... relax there's no rush the body knows what it needs. Now slowly see see where the stretch needs to go, imagine your body is melting into the stretch taking up the slack of the muscles giving, keep breathing..... each stretch needs to be held for at least 90 seconds.

We use myofacial stretching in treatment, it gets to those hard to reach areas that just are not being reached in other types of treatment

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