Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Its been so blowy and cold that its been harder to motivate myself. I'm a keen walker and preparing for a long walk in August, 500 miles across Spain. As a warm up I'm off to Hadrian's wall for a few days. By no means am I one of the fit people, I like to walk and 10 miles is a good walk for me, lately I have been upping the distance to around 15 miles when time permits. Little aches and pains have been happening and my feet have been suffering. 

Yesterday I went and visited the podiatrist and we talked for 90 minutes about my feet and she gave me exercises to improve the strength and muscle tone within my feet. So as I type I'm spreading my toes, slowly and waiting for the stretch. Stretching is about taking time and not making the muscles hurt, slow purposeful movements and always listening to the body. Gone are the days when we talked of ballistic stretching now its all about working with the body and listening to its needs. 

If you want more information about stretching drop me a line or it can be included in your treatment.

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